How it works

How is virtual tour created? Contact us and let us take care of everything to save you time. A real virtual tour will give your clients a whole new visual experience and make your space available to them 24/7!

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See how we work with our clients

Step 1

First contact

We start with getting in touch. During this first contact we try to understand your needs and see how a virtual tour will help your business.

Step 2

Visual inspection and target setting

Then comes an appointment. Our virtual tour technology is different from others, so in order to thoroughly understand your needs and the work needed to complete a 3D tour – we may want to see the location before confirming the final price.

Step 3

Virtual tour offer

Based on the data collected and after a visual inspection of the location, we draft a quote for you for a virtual tour and multimedia add-ons. After accepting the price and signing the contract – we arrange a date for tour shooting of your interior.

Step 4

We get to work!

On the prearranged date we turn up at your location with our 360 Matterport Pro 2 camera to take a virtual tour. Remember that by the time we arrive, your space should be well prepared and cleaned. Shooting for a tour can take an hour to even several hours, but you will know in advance the approximate time we need.

Step 5

Your virtual tour is ready

Once all the material is collected, we proceed to creating your 3D virtual tour.
You can post your virtual tour on your website, in your real estate sales ads, or using a direct link provided by us.
From now on, your space is always open to customers from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And you strengthen your company’s position both online and in person.

What are the benefits of a virtual tour?

Check out the benefits of a true virtual tour that you can watch on any device, from your computer to your phone or even VR goggles-and feel as if you were there!

A realistic experience

A virtual tour lets your customers move freely through your space, without the feeling of viewing a distorted photo as it happens with conventional technologies. With our laser scanning technology, which creates a digital 3D scan of the whole interior, the tour is smooth and realistic.

4K quality

An advanced Matterport Pro 2 camera with 12 lenses ensures the high quality of 4K images used to create the tour, accurately capturing every detail of the scanned interior. On top of that we create a projection of the entire space as a floor view and a “doll’s house”. This makes it easy for your customer to find their way through your interior.


When running a facility like a hotel, restaurant or aesthetic medicine outlet, where the interior plays an important role, being able to show the customer our space virtually helps them make a purchasing decision. Thus, you increase the chance that the customer will use your offer.


With 3D virtual tours, you can not only increase the number of visitors to your facility, but also increase the visibility of your facility on the Internet. And better visibility will ensure that customers who are in the area and have already had a chance to see your interior will remember it and will sooner use your services than those of someone they don’t know.


Our tours are distinguished by multimedia additions. We can make additional tags in your space where you can embed videos, photos or offers. This makes your customers even more engaged with your space and they want to explore and discover it.


Show me a business that is not craving for prestige! A virtual tour will show your customers that you care for a high standard in physical and virtual spaces. And higher prestige of the company positively influences the choice of that company by your price-conscious customer.

What you get?

Multimedia add-ons

We can tag special offers, booking panel, additional photos, videos or information about your additional services. This makes your tour even more interactive.

Google business card and Google Street View

Included with our modern virtual tour, you will receive a google walkthrough that we will place for you in your google business card and Google Street View

3D view - 360 degrees

Or the so-called “doll’s house”. You can rotate the object at will, view it from above, from the side and every possible angle. It gives a much better spatial idea of the size of the interior and the arrangement of rooms in relation to each other.

A truly virtual tour

Yes! Our tours can be viewed using VR (Virtual Reality) goggles – or virtual reality. Functionality, interactivity and high image quality, gives an amazing feeling, as if we were really there. Can you imagine how this will change, for example, sales of real estate? Because we can!

Drone shots

In addition, you get drone shots from us as a gift with each tour created by us! This will perfectly complement the perception of your business by your customers.

2D view

Also, for each tour you can additionally order a 2D projection with full dimensions

Then what? Shall we arrange a tour?

Give us a call to discuss how a virtual tour will benefit your business. It costs nothing, and you’ll see if it’s worth it. You don’t have to wait until your competitors to make an appointment with us before you – remember, it’s better to be a trend setter than a trend follower. Plus our virtual tour technology, unlike other methods, makes the user feel as if they were with you. Therefore we are confident that our virtual tours open your business to the whole world.